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Focused on a holistic goals-based Financial Planning, Future Proof is an investment services platform geared towards Financial Advising and Risk Management.

At Future Proof, the Financial Advisors work in accordance with the CFA Program's Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct Standards; the most recognized certification in the financial area at an international level.



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Technology at the service of Wealth Management. Analyze your porffolio with Future Analyzer service, by Future Proof.


Analyze your financial future and your savings plan.

Future Analyzer is technology at the service of Financial Planning. A new and revolutionary service within financial industry, which consists of an integrated analysis of a portfolio of financial assets, in order to help investors to develop and optimize their investment portfolio from a quantitative point of view, using only computational finance tools. We are focused on the digital transformation of wealth management based on three key elements: optimization, visualization and personalization.

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Life Insurance

A Life Insurance appears as a way to prevent, at an economic level, the consequences of death or survival at a certain age. There are two types of Life Insurance: Total and Permanent Disability and Absolute and Definitive Disability . What's the difference?

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Investment Advising​

Investment Advising​ is a service that requires the provision of customised advice, either at the client's request, or at the initiative of the consultant relating to financial instruments. A 100% investor-focused service.

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Financial Products

The service of Financial Products is provided in partnership with Banco Invest S.A. and aims to monitor customers, managing their relationship with the bank from the moment they open an account.

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Future Proof Academy

Future Proof has always aimed to promote Financial Literacy for investors and market participants. For this, we launched a set of videos in LIVE format on Youtube, called "Future Proof Academy", content that is also placed on the most varied platforms, such as Spotify, Apple and Google Podcasts. These "Youtube LIVE's" are aimed at future investors and those interested in the financial markets.

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Wealth Management, Investment advising and risk management Future Proof.


Inflation isn't a problem: it's an opportunity

Inflation is not the problem when everything goes up, not just food, clothing or telecommunications services, but also wages, interest rates or real estate assets.

The importance of time: stop trying!

One of our main riches is time. Have you seriously thought about it? Investing is simple, but it is not easy and takes time!

What is goal based Financial Planning?

Goal-based Financial Planning is an approach to investing built with a focus on behavioural finance and targeted at individual investors and families.

The impact of duration on bond investing

You've certainly wondered why your portfolio is experiencing a high drop. One of the main reasons lies in a concept not always known and not always easy to understand: duration.

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Future Proof is an Appointed Representative of Banco Invest, S.A.. It is registered at CMVM.