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Focused on a holistic goals-based Wealth Management, Future Proof is an investment services platform geared towards Financial Advising and Risk Management.

At Future Proof, the Financial Advisors work in accordance with the CFA Program's Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct Standards; the most recognized certification in the financial area at an international level.



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"Our model is based on investment advice in partnership with Banco Invest and on the holistic vision of wealth management where each investor is unique. We are H2H - Human to Human. "

An investment or savings process must have a deep and holistic analysis of investors' preferences, restrictions and life goals. Therefore, we help and guide our clients to define clear and adequate objectives, in terms of risk and return management, and to make decisions facing expected and unexpected situations, restrictions and individual preferences.
Goals-based financial planning allows the investor to set multiple financial marks across multiple investment time horizons.

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Through the appointed representative contract with Banco Invest, S.A. we provide a wide range of essential financial products and services to invest and execute the outlined financial plan:

1. Investment Advising​: service that requires the provision of customised advice, either at the client's request, or at the initiative of the consultant relating to financial instruments. A 100% investor-focused service.

2. Reception and transmission of orders in relation to one or more financial instruments: service provided in partnership with Banco Invest S.A. with solo purpose of monitoring customers relationship with Banco Invest. S.A. from the moment an accountis opened.

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Wealth Management, Investment advising and risk management Future Proof.
Technology at the service of Wealth Management. Analyze your porffolio with Future Analyzer service, by Future Proof.


Analyze your financial future and your savings plan.

Future Analyzer is technology at the service of Wealth Management. A new and revolutionary service within financial industry, which consists of an integrated analysis of a portfolio of financial assets, in order to help investors to develop and optimize their investment portfolio from a quantitative point of view, using only computational finance tools. We are focused on the digital transformation of wealth management based on three key elements: optimization, visualization and personalization.

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Macro prospects and key outlooks for 2022: what do analysts say?

It is time for balance sheets and expectations. By consulting the different outlooks of the main management companies and investment banks, it is possible to find convergent ideas, but also some divergent ideas.

A sort of investment guide

During 2021, we went through several themes that were transversal to financial investment, from the perspective of the individual investor, and that are part of the planning we must do when we decide to invest money.

What you must know about investment funds

In this article, we are going to talk essentially about securities investment funds, that is, funds that invest in listed or unlisted financial assets.

How to invest in ETFs?

Investing in ETF's is increasingly common in the investment portfolio, and ETF's are a success story in the financial industry and a symbol of innovation and diversity in recent decades.

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Future Proof is an Appointed Representative of Banco Invest, S.A.. It is registered at CMVM.