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All opinions expressed on this Website and Blog are created exclusively by Luís Sousa e Silva and Vítor Mário Ribeiro and are not of any organization or institution. We do not know or understand the risk profile or investment time horizon or goals and preferences of other investors, therefore, any information or opinion contained in this Website and the Blog is not intended to constitute a specific recommendation for making an investment. This Website and Blog aims to share our opinions, Future Proof services and not persuade you to make specific investments. Each reader and user will make their own choices with their wealth based on their unique circumstances.

We cannot predict the future. Therefore, the reader will not find predictions of what the future holds for the markets, their investments or the economy. Past performance is not a predictor of future returns. Any historical data used on this Website and on the Blog are made for the sole purpose of analyzing what happened in the past to build a structure on how to view the current situation and make informed decisions about the future.

The reader and user must be aware of the risks involved when investing in financial assets. Any strategies discussed here are made for the sole purpose of putting personal finance, investments, financial markets and market psychology in a common sense view. The investments discussed on this website and on the blog can fluctuate in value. Again, these opinions are only available to give you information to make your own decisions.

We all have behaviors and psychological profiles that affect our decisions and we all make mistakes. We make mistakes constantly. The Future Proof Website and Blog and the information contained therein is in no way liable for the decisions that the reader makes. The reader knows his current circumstances better than anyone.


We like to share interesting data and opinions from others, so the reader should not take this into account. They are sources of information, but they do not endorse the opinions or advice of other websites or blogs.


There may be some ads placed on the Blog, but these are not a recommendation from us for the products advertised. We are not affiliated in any way with any of these products.


The Website and the Blog is a participant in the affiliate program of the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, the Wook Affiliate of Porto Editora, SA and The Book Depository Limited Affliate program. An affiliate program is a means for websites or online forums to earn commissions. If the reader clicks on any link in a book that takes them to the links on, or and buys anything, even something other than the advertised product, the Blog earns a small commission, but the reader pay no extra.

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