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Making sound and judicious decisions depends on the level of knowledge and experience one has of everything that involves the financial world. Betting on Financial Literacy is essential to manage personal and business finances.

Future Proof has always aimed to promote Financial Literacy for investors and market participants. In this way, we are contributing to a more credible financial industry and earning the trust of our customers and investors who are looking for a safer and more peaceful financial future. The first step in promoting more and better literacy was taken with the creation of our blog, where relevant articles are shared every month. A second step was taken during 2021 with the creation of the Podcast and Youtube channel "Future Proof Talks", where the most varied topics related to savings, investor bias, Investment Policy Statements, or more specifics such as inflation.

In order to continue our journey, in the year 2022 Future Proof | Wealth Advisors launched a partnership with Pragmatic Brain, a training company certified by DGERT specialized in the areas of Finance, Banking, Insurance, Management and Administration and Soft Skills. The challenge is to launch original and current training content, such as e-books, webinars or training courses.

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