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Investment Advising

The Investment Advising service is based on an existing contract between Future Proof and Banco Invest, S.A. The Bank is authorized to provide the non-independent investment advisory service.

Investment Advising is a service that requires the provision of personalized advice, either at the request of the client or at the initiative of the consultant, regarding financial instruments.

This framework is based on the following concepts:



Opinion by the consultant seeking an investment decision.

Financial Instruments

Concerning specific financial instruments and not just one type of investment.


Intended for only one customer. Custom.


Based on the client's personal circumstances.


The service is centered on the investor. We believe each investor is unique and has his own lifestyle, goals and objectives, preferences and restrictions. They must, also, have control over one of the main factors associated with investing: time.

As a Financial Advisor, the investment advisory service is focused on highlighting the role of the investor as the main decision maker, manager and interested in its assets and its investment plan.




- Market and economy
- Macro trends
- Risk factors
- Integrated information analysis
- Goal-based advise
- Questionnaire



- Portfolio building
- Risk analysis
- Best execution
- Control and cost reduction
- Risk return report
- Goals monitoring
- Rebalancing


How it works?

The investment advisory service is available from a minimum investment of €200 000, the signing of an investment advisory contract and the account opening with Banco Invest S.A.


The service comprises the following phases:

  • Risk assessment and adequacy profile, experience and knowledge, as well as the objectives to be achieved;
  • Defining expectations for the economy and markets;
  • Preparation of an investment policy statement;
  • Personalized asset allocation strategy;
  • Strategy execution;
  • Periodic performance analysis;
  • Portfolio monitoring and rebalancing;

The investment decision is always made by the investor after our recommendation and in accordance with the investment policy and advisory approach based on objectives and goals to be achieved.

We believe each investor must have total control over their assets, always looking for independence and a long-term vision to take advantage of all the potential that the financial market provides.


Letter to investors

At the end of each quarter, we prepare a report with the evaluation of the investment portfolio and an economic and market analysis, customized for each investor.

Contact us for more information and to find out, in detail, the financial and administrative conditions of our value proposition.



Investment advice is also available on Unit-linked, which are insurance contracts linked to investment funds.

Through Banco Invest, Future Proof presents this solution with partners Baloise and Utmost.


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Reception and transmission of orders Investment Advising
Risk profile and suitability assessment
Safekeeping of values and deposits
Analysis and diagnosis of equity situation
Preparation of the investment policy statement
Custom asset allocation and portfolio construction
Investment Decision Client Client, according to the recommendation of the financial intermediary
Portfolio reporting and performance analysis
Periodic meetings and monitoring of objectives
Minimum amount 5.000€ 200.000€