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Portfolyou helps you, as an investor, to make better decisions about your investments.

Portfolyou's goal is to provide investors with the tools and knowledge to help them invest better and build their own financial plan, providing a platform that aims to simplify the complexity of this industry.

What is it? They produce tools and applications for investors and DIY consultants.

How? They provide investors with fast-access technology and a design-friendly investment analysis environment.

Why? They believe in changing the status quo, in accessing professional tools for everyone, creating a more inclusive market for investment.

Banco Invest

Future Proof Lda is a Appointed Representative of Banco Invest, SA, and is duly registered with the Market and Securities Commission (CMVM).

According to Article 294-A, no. 1 of the Securities Code, a Appointed Representative is a person, natural or legal, not integrated in the organizational structure of a financial intermediary, but who, acting in the name and on behalf of the former, provides financial services to investors, namely that of receiving and transmitting orders, placing financial instruments and providing investment advice. 

Through its team, Future Proof has accumulated more than 15 years of experience in various areas of the financial industry's value chain. From economic and management consultancy, to corporate finance activities, through financial intermediation services as a Appointed Representative.

As a Appointed Representative of Banco Invest, SA, we are allowed to:

  • Investor Prospecting, carried out in a professional manner, without their prior request, outside the establishment of Banco Invest, SA, with the objective of attracting customers for any financial intermediation activities for which Banco Invest, SA is authorized;
  • Receiving and transmitting orders, placing financial instruments or on the services provided by Banco Invest, SA.

The orders transmitted to you will be executed in accordance with Banco Invest, SA's Order Execution Policy, contained on its website:

As Banco Invest's Appointed Representative, we are prohibited from:

  • Acting in the name and on behalf of more than one financial intermediary, except when there is a domain or group relationship between them;
  • To delegate to other persons the powers conferred on it by Banco Invest, SA;
  • Enter into any contracts on behalf of Banco Invest, SA, with the exception of receiving and transmitting orders and placing financial instruments;
  • Receive or deliver money;
  • Acting or making investment decisions on behalf or for the account of investors;
  • Receive any type of remuneration from investors.

Information dissemination system of the CMVM - Appointed Representative

Baloise Group

The Baloise Group is more than just a traditional insurance company.

Changes in society's security, protection and service needs in the digital age are at the heart of its business activities. The approximately 7,300 Baloise employees, therefore, focus on the wishes of their customers. The best possible customer service, combined with innovative products and services, makes Baloise Group the first choice for people who want to feel "simply safe".

Located in the center of Europe, based in Basel, Baloise Group provides solutions for prevention, pensions, assistance and insurance. Its main markets are Switzerland, Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg. In Switzerland, with Baloise Bank SoBa, the Group also operates as a provider of specialized financial services, offering a combination of insurance and banking services. The Group offers innovative pension products to retail customers across Europe from its competence center in Luxembourg.

Utmost Internertional

Utmost International is a leading life insurance group that provides solutions designed to preserve customers' assets and protect them for future generations. Our proposals provide effective and reliable solutions for clients who want to control the assets they have accumulated and manage their income when planning the succession.

Utmost Wealth Solutions: a leading provider of wealth solutions, primarily through the use of unit-linked insurance policies, which can be invested in a wide range of underlying assets.

Utmost Corporate Solutions: offers benefits to employees, including life insurance, income protection and critical illness coverage for their corporate clients, in order to protect their employees, as well as retirement and savings solutions for groups and individuals.

Sentimento de Mercado

Sentimento de Mercado focuses on financial advisory and economic management services for companies and entrepreneurs from different sectors. It guides its activities towards different users, preferably SME's and management teams, investors and entrepreneurs, associations and public entities, providing them with the articulation and knowledge with the other market players:

  • Financial Institution;
  • Incentive systems management institutes;
  • Public entities;
  • Venture capital companies;
  • Business angels;
  • Universities.

Pragmatic Brain

A Pragmatic Brain – Formação e Conteúdos, Lda é uma empresa criada em 2020 e tem como principal objetivo a prestação de serviços especializados de Formação  Profissional e Consultoria na área de Formação e produção de conteúdos em formato digital e multimédia para o mercado de formação a distância (e-learning e b-learning).

A Pragmatic Brain apresenta-se ao mercado como uma empresa ambiciosa, moderna, de cariz fortemente tecnológico e inovador, e que desempenha a sua atividade assente na excelência dos serviços prestados, na diferenciação e eficiência das suas soluções tecnológicas e sobretudo na originalidade dos seus conteúdos formativos e das  abordagens pedagógicas utilizadas em contexto de formação.   

+351 939873441 (Vítor Mário Ribeiro, CFA)

+351 938438594 (Luís Silva)

Future Proof is an Appointed Representative of Banco Invest, S.A.. It is registered at CMVM.