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Information about the investor, objectives, preferences and human and financial capital. Inputs on the economic and market environment.



Construction of the portfolio

Optimization and simulation

Due Diligence and asset selection

Portfolio adjusted to the investor



Performance evaluation

Monitoring goals

Rebalancing the portfolio

Review of the Investment Policy


We believe we can help investors make better investment decisions to achieve their goals.

In a market focused on products and offer (product-driven advice), Future Proof adopts a vision aligned with the investor and advice based on future goals (goals-based advice).

When preparing an investment policy statement, we want to systematize and guide our relationship with you, the investor:

  • Demonstrate that we understand your financial goals and personal characteristics;
  • Ensure a systematic and consistent approach to advising;
  • Comply with the investor's expectations regarding the investment plan. Communicate regularly and effectively and taking into account what the investor expects;
  • Guarantee benefits for both parties;
  • Recognize that financial advice cannot have a standard format and it must respond to the unique characteristics of each investor.

Among the most common goals, we highlight:

  • Maintaining living standard in the long-term;
  • Buying secondary housing;
  • Funding health costs, well-being and education;
  • Inheritance or legacy;
  • Invest in your own business.




Fiduciary Commitment

Making wealth of each family or organization future proof is our calling. We spend a great deal of time understanding investor's behavior, their reasons for investing and helping them define the best Investment Policy Statement:

  • We simulate and recommend the construction or rebalancing of investment portfolios, prepare financial models and develop an independent analysis for making investment decisions.
  • We base our investment decisions and recommendations on the deep and integrated analysis of the investor, family or organization, on their objectives and preferences, on their psychological and situational profile, and on the application of economic, financial and statistical data involving financial and non-financial assets.
  • We have outlined asset allocation analysis and strategies and apply our knowledge and experience to develop, analyze and explain investment strategies or policies designed to achieve investor objectives as part of an entire investment process.
  • We develop long-term financial planning in conjunction with a holistic view of heritage, knowing that financial investment is only part of that heritage.

We are committed / involved in planning, advising and providing investment advice to individuals, families and organizations.


Ethical commitment

We define our service on 3 inseparable values: trust, ethics and transparency. Our ethical commitment is clear:

  • Duty of loyalty to our customers, always acting with care and (exercising) a prudent judgment of all situations;
  • Act on behalf of our customers and put the interests of our customers before the interests of our partners and colleagues or our own interests;
  • Trust, competence and transparency.


+351 939873441 (Vítor Mário Ribeiro, CFA)

+351 938438594 (Luís Silva)

Future Proof is an Appointed Representative of Banco Invest, S.A.. It is registered at CMVM.