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Financial Coaching

Any area of your life can benefit from the assistance and accountability a skilled coach can offer. And while that kind of relationship would be beneficial elsewhere, it is particularly helpful when it comes to your money.

After all, managing your financial situation might be challenging. It's a synthesis of feelings, encounters, and traditional instruction. Unfortunately, there are a lot of blind spots when it comes to money. Many of us are unsure about whether we are making the best decisions. Furthermore, there isn't always an obvious method to go back on track or even know what questions to ask if we are confident that we are not.


Future Proof strives to assist individuals in choosing wiser ways to save and invest. With this in mind, we developed a Financial Coaching service that will help you set objectives and create the resources you need to reach them.


What is Financial Coaching?

Financial coaching aids in the development of your money management and financial literacy abilities. A financial coach can teach you how and where to save, discuss money with your partner, or explore ingrained attitudes that are influencing your spending patterns.

This service is provided by a Financial Coach: someone qualified (and trusted) to examine your finances and provide you with ways for you to handle your money more effectively. Instead of making decisions for you, we'll put more of an emphasis on educating you about money management so you may feel more secure about achieving your financial objectives.

All the while money will probably be the topic of most of our discussions, it's possible that you won't only talk about money. The way you feel about money may be something Future Proof wants to look into. We will, probably, inquire about your upbringing in terms of money, your future objectives, or how you and your partner handle money issues.

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Individual sessions

  • €50 for the initial session;
  • €40 for subsequent sessions.

The Diagnosis, Planning, and Monitoring pack

  • 195€ for the 5-session pack.

Financial coaching is a type of coaching specifically tailored to your individual situation.

These are the goals of our Financial Coaching Service:

  • Make a global diagnosis of the personal or family financial situation;
  • Determine your financial goals and make a plan to accomplish them;
  • Learn personal finance basics and how to make wise financial decisions;
  • Improve your credit score to achieve future financial objectives such as purchasing a home or opening a business;
  • Find out what stage of retirement planning you're at and make sure you're headed in the correct direction for a secure financial retirement;
  • Create an emergency fund in case of a financial disaster or job loss;
  • Recognize various financial products and determine which ones are the most appropriate for you;
  • Understanding how your financial situation and spending and investing habits affect other aspects of your life will help you improve your behavior;
  • Pay off debt.

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+351 939873441 (Vítor Mário Ribeiro, CFA)

+351 938438594 (Luís Silva)

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