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We believe that a holistic view is essential to create superior quality life plans, understanding the unique situation of each individual, family or organization.

The advisor's added value: holistic and integrated financial planning

We want to help investors to answer questions as important as:

  • "Where are we now and where are we going?"
  • "What are we doing?"
  • "How can we achieve our goals?"

Goals-based advice planning allows investors to set multiple financial objectives across different investment time horizons.

Setting goals makes investors less likely to react to market fluctuations. We believe that if we are working towards a goal or objective, and not in the search for returns to beat the market or a benchmark, emotional and hasty decision making is substantially reduced.

We opted for a top-down approach, which allows us to see the integrated and complete position. The various scenarios and preferences, as well as knowing and understanding the investor helps us in delivering a truly optimized and customized solution.

This era of technology, robot-advising and do-it-youself, represents for us a unique opportunity to build trusting and solid relationships with investors, putting their interests ahead and clearly avoiding conflicts of interest.

As Daniel Kahneman says, the ideal advisor is a person who likes the investor and does not care about his feelings.

I want a Financial Plan


At Future Proof, we believe that any investment process must have in its fundamentals a deep and holistic analysis of the preferences, responsibilities and objectives of investors.
Planning is the basis of our approach to help an individual, family or organization achieve financial well-being.

As a process we put all the pieces of the financial puzzle together, including current and future expenses and income, the value of human capital, retirement, education, health, insurance, taxes, inheritances, investments in business, real estate, art and other events or expenses more or least expected.Good financial planning means understanding the implications of each decision making. It means realizing that it is not a random process or based only on statistical measures.

Before investing, there is a prior knowledge and personalization of the Financial Plan - The Investment Policy Statement.

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Having a global view of investor's wealth is vital for good financial planning.

Wealth is understood as the set of assets, financial and non-financial, also taking into account indebtedness. In a more comprehensive definition it can also include expected income and expenses and assumed liabilities.

With these data we managed to build the holistic balance. An essential document to understand where we are, what our global and net equity position is, and to keep our assets and liabilities in mind.

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For the correct individual risk management, we need to understand some essential concepts such as time, human and financial capital and the risks of longevity and premature death. Good selection and management of life and health insurance is therefore essential.

Individual risk management also involves anticipating events such as retirement, the transfer of assets, lifestyle, health and well-being and other events that take place throughout life. In systems like ours, the sustainability of social security is not guaranteed and support for the family is fragile. We therefore need to create and establish alternative measures to prepare for a demanding and uncertain future.

Structuring wealth in the various stages of life and the relationship between human capital and financial capital is therefore one of the main investment and savings objectives. A mandatory and strategic act in life, whether individual or family.

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