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O que andamos a ler

2020.3.21 Vítor Ribeiro, CFA

O que andamos a ler:



➤ Fed deluged by letters from needy over U.S. loan program - Reuters

➤ Fed revisits idea of pledging to keep interest rates low - Reuters

➤ Annual Economic Report 2020 - BIS

➤ Mnuchin sees support for crisis loans to hotels, restaurants - Reuters

➤ Redefining Fixed Income - CFAI's Enterprising Investor

➤ Want To Be Happier? Evidence-Based Tricks To Get You There - NPR



➤ Fabozzi: Finance Must Modernize or Face Irrelevancy - CFAI's Enterprising Investor

➤ Too-big-to-fail banks mostly a thing of the past, say regulators - Reuters

➤ Big tobacco, big oil and Buffett join Fed's portfolio - Reuters

➤ All of the World’s Money and Markets in One Visualization - Visual Capitalist

➤ Car crashes deadlier as drivers speed during lockdowns - Reuters

➤ The medicalised life -What explains the enduring grip of medical skepticism - Aeon

➤ ‘Dumb money’ acting smart while institutions jump ship - The Irish Times



➤ 7 dicas para evitar o investimento emocional - BIG hub

➤ Central banks' pandemic battle could stretch into an infinity war - Reuters

➤ Staying Rational During Market Volatility - Visual Capitalist

➤ Why Is The S&P 500 Not Matching U.S. Economic Weakness? Here Are Three Reasons - Forbes

➤ Why You Can’t Buy Spot Oil -

➤ More Stocks Are Driving Market Rally, Decreasing Reliance on Big Tech - WSJ



➤ The Central Bank That Ate Japan​ - NYT

➤ How Oil Prices Went Subzero: Explaining the COVID-19 Oil Crash - Visual Capitalist

➤ The Demand Doctor - What would John Maynard Keynes tell us to do now—and should we listen? - The New Yorker

➤ Fed expands 'Main Street' program to firms with up to 15,000 workers - Reuters

➤ 'W-shaped' recovery may be too optimistic, Fed's Powell suggests - Reuters

➤ Não escorregue nas bolsas - Negócios

➤ The Fed’s Balance Sheet: The Other Exponential Curve - Visual Capitalist

➤ The Pandemic Economy: What are Shoppers Buying Online During COVID-19? - Visual Capitalist

➤ Dollar Cost Averaging - Bolsas e Abatanados



➤ The Spanish flu (1918-20): The global impact of the largest influenza pandemic in history - Our World in Data

➤ Covid confirmed cases since 100th case - Our World in Data

➤ Coronavirus: rationing based on health, equity and decency now needed - The Conversation

➤ WHO considers ‘airborne precautions’ for medical staff after study shows coronavirus can survive in air - CNBC

➤ Breaking down this sell-off, among the most extreme and rare Wall Street has ever seen - CNBC

➤ Stock Market Valuations - Meb Faber

➤ Volatility in a pandemic world - we will have to wait for the decay - Disciplined Systematic Global Macro Views

➤ How To Save The Economy Now - Planet Money

➤ Can Science Explain Deja Vu? - Scientific American



➤ The Emissions Impact of Coronavirus - Visual Capitalist

➤ Psychedelics in Palliative Care -Scientific American

➤ Destroyed Habitat Creates the Perfect Conditions for Coronavirus to Emerge - Scientific American

➤ Yep. They Injected CRISPR Into An Eyeball - Short Wave

➤ Market Experts Say the Coronavirus Selloff Is ‘Worse Than Anything We’ve Seen Since 1929.’ Here’s How Bad It Could Get. - Barron's

➤ Chart: The Downward Spiral in Interest Rates - Visual Capitalist


➤ What If You Buy Stocks Too Early During a Market Crash?  - Ben Carlson

➤ The once in a decade bond opportunity - Movement Capital

➤ How the Coronavirus Crash is Different From 2008 - Of Dollars and Data

➤ Animal Spirits: Is This Worse Than 2008? - Ben Carlson & Michael Batnick

➤ How Long Does it Take to Make Your Money Back After a Bear Market? -  Ben Carlson

➤ Why Many Bond ETFs Now Trading At Discounts -

➤ Fed balance sheet hits record, banks tap loans as crisis measures take hold - Reuters



➤ A look at bear and bull markets through history​ - CNBC

➤ Black Swan Events: Short-term Crisis, Long-term Opportunity - Visual Capitalist

➤ Why people believe in conspiracy theories – and how to change their minds - The Conversation

➤ How canceled events and self-quarantines save lives, in one chart - Vox

➤ The deep ideological roots of Trump’s botched coronavirus response - Vox

➤ The upside of a falling stock market - Vox



➤ What Happens After the Stock Market Falls?​ - The Irrelevant Investor

➤ Go Big Or Go Home​ - Tim Duy's Fed Watch

➤ A week of records - Sentimentrader

➤ Nine points to consider on the outlook for equities - Evidence Investor



➤ The Stock Market Is Tanking. Do Nothing - The Atlantic

➤ Much at Stake as EU Battles COVID-19 - Think Global Health

➤ Tracking Coronavirus in Countries With and Without Travel Bans - Think Global Health

➤ Coronavirus: The View From Italy, China, Singapore, India, and the UK - Council of Councils

➤ Markets Plunge. Economies Stall. Panic Spreads. It All Feels Very 2008 - NYT

➤ What Is the VIX Telling Us? - The Big Picture



➤ The Psychology of Human Misjudgment, by Charlie Munger - Farnam Street

➤ The U.S. Doesn't Use The Metric System. Or Does It? - NPR - Short wave

➤ The infinity Scroll - NYT

➤ I’m here, to remind you - The Reformed Broker

➤ S&P 500 Yield Above 30-Year U.S. Treasuries Sign To Long-Term Buyers - Seeking Alpha



➤ Pandemics & Markets - Investor Amnesia

➤ Nobody Knows II - Oaktree

➤ How hard will the robots make us work? - The Verge

➤ Why your brain is not a computer - The Guardian

➤ Visualizing the Expanse of the ETF Universe - Visual Capitalist

➤ The Invisible Border - NPR - Throughline // Vox - Today, Explained

Vítor Ribeiro, CFA
Vítor Ribeiro, CFA

Vítor é um CFA® Charterholder, empreendedor, melómano e com um sonho de construir um verdadeiro ecossistema de investimento e planeamento financeiro ao serviço das famílias e organizações.

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